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This area is being used to try a new approach to engagement about local issues. This is a pilot, which means we are trying the idea out before we include other areas. If you do not see your area here but would like it to be considered for the Property Manager Pilot, please send us a quick email to

Each of the buttons below links straight to a local section. If you do not live in these areas, you will not have access to them. We may open up new areas soon, but please bear with us as we work with our colleagues to develop this area.

Personal and local issues such as repairs or Anti Social Behaviour still need to reported at your local meeting or via customer service. For more info about how to request services from Hyde click here.

Members of HRV have 'read-only' access to these areas so that they can monitor issues being raised by residents locally. They cannot post (unless they live in one of these areas), so if you want to ask HRV a question please post in the 'Ask HRV' thread in the main forum.

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Bermondsey Spa

Your Property Managers are Everod Henry, Carla Franklin and Olalekan Farinre.

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Embassy Court

Your Property Manager is Michael Monteith.

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Gary and Bigsworth Courts

Your Property Manager is Juanita Smith.

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Gosport area

Your Property Manager is Danny Chung.

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Grantham Towers & Bellview Mansions

Your Property Manager is Anna Blakeman.

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Holmbush area

Your Property Manager is Mark Armitage.

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Kennington Park

Your Property Manager is Matt Hopkins.

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Your Property Manager is currently Hardeep Sandhu.

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Your Property Manager is Riaan Marescia.

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Park House (Hove)

Your Property Manager is Chantelle Simm.

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Propeller Cresent & Purley Way

Your Property Manager is Sarah Raw.

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Studley Estate

Your Property Manager is Janine Dewar.

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