Welcome to the OAK! "He who plants a tree, plants a hope" 


  • OAK site statementsomewhere for residents to take part in discussions and consultation to change and improve Hyde's services
  • a secure hub for involved residents to access documents for paperless meetings 
  • a platform to access e-learning as well as somewhere to learn about what's going on at Hyde and elsewhere
  • a place for residents and staff to meet and chat virtually

Please note the site is not the right place to report any requests for service, repairs or complaints - there are a number of ways you can contact Hyde - www.hyde-housing.co.uk/contact-us

Please ensure that you are aware of the OAK site statement and adhere to it at all times to keep the site a safe and constructive place for all!

If you are having any trouble using the site just contact us at customerinvolvement@hyde-housing.co.uk